What is U-M Hosting?

U-M Hosting is an institutionally supported web hosting platform designed to support websites built in Drupal 7, a powerful open-source content management system.

Why Use U-M Hosting?


  • We ensure good security practice by providing regular Drupal core patches to the sites we support.

Skilled Support

  • Staffed by the HITS Service Desk.


  • We take care of configuring the initial Drupal database. You don’t have to install anything.
  • We monitor and patch Drupal modules that have security updates.
  • We require a shortcode (is not billed).
  • We regularly backup your site so you can recover files in the event of a loss.


  • We install front-end caching on every site so your web pages load faster.
  • We optimize our servers for Drupal performance and can respond to spikes in site traffic.


  • We have Apache Solr integration for search.
  • We can set up and configure cosign.


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